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27/10/2002 - If my butt wasn't attached...
..I would surely forget it one day... or so my mother used to tell me... ;-)
And I guess she was right, 'cause when I released 0.3, I totally forgot to update this site... Well, anyway: version 0.3 is out! It adds a lot of code rewrites as well as a panel to control all basic functions of your deck (play, rwnd etc). Let me know what you think!

10/10/2002 - Thank you, ;-)
Only a few hours after posting the previous news item, I got a very nice mail from the people at seems they'd been having some trouble with their forums... and they told me I smell like roses... *sigh*
Now isn't that nice? ;-)

10/09/2002 - Damn you,!
I just don't get it... I can't seem to get this plugin to be added on I posted in their forum, but no reaction whatsoever. Perhaps I smell bad... :-((
Anybody know the proper procedure?
In other news: I've dumped my laptop for sending IR signals, and bought a Matrix Irda transmitter which connects directly to my mainboard... pretty nifty, and works like a charm. :-) Further more I'm currently adding some more functionality to the plugin: I've added a status bar, and I'm working on buttons to control basic functions of your deck (play, stop, eject).

09/06/2002 - mdtitle-0.2a released!
This new version adds freedb support, which enables the plugin to guess the album title from the playlist contents. Even less user-typing required! ;-)

09/04/2002 - We have a website!
OK, I've built something that looks like a website... ;-)
That's the best I can say for it, 'cause I know it looks crappy as hell... Hey, I'm a hacker, not a web designer! So, if someone is feeling the creative vibe and you think you can improve this (shouldn't be much of a challenge): please let me know!


In case you're wondering what MDTitle is: It's a plugin for xmms which pretty much automates recording minidiscs for you. I wrote this plugin because I am somewhat of a minidisc enthousiast, and I record a lot of music to MD, both from Audio-CD's and from MP3.
I own a Sony MDS-JE330 deck and a Sharp MD-MT80 portable unit.
When recording MP3's I had two problems:
  • Track titles: entering track titles is a slow and painstaking task on both my deck and my portable. I wanted a quick and easy way to enter track titles.

  • Track markings: both my deck and my portable normally determine track markings by detecting silences in the recording. When you have either a live recording or a mixed album, it will be recorded as one huge track.
The first problem could be solved by using MDToceditor. This program enables you to enter all track titles on your computer and send them all at once to your MD deck. It doesn't however, solve the second problem.
It also requires you to type in all track titles. Being a lazy nerd at heart I decided there must be an easier way to do this. And there was:

When recording from xmms, all track names are allready know, so why not make a plugin for xmms which sends the track names while recording? And while we're at it, why not send track marks as well? And so MDTitle was born.

MDTitle uses any form of lirc compatible hardware to send infrared signals to modern Sony decks. That's the catch right now: it only works with Sony decks. Why? Because I only have a Sony deck, and can't test it with other brands... Info about how to control other brands of decks would be most welcome.


The latest stable release right now is mdtitle-0.3.
It can be downloaded here.
Older versions are available from Sourceforge.


For everyone who wants the latest version, or is just interested in what the hell I'm doing right now, there's the CVS version.

To access CVS type:

cvs login

cvs -z3 co mdtitle

This should get you the very latest (and very unstable) version of mdtitle.


If you've got input, suggestions, questions, whatever... don't hesitate to drop me a mail at